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About HF

Gloria Craik


Hi I'm Gloria CEO of Heavenly Favour Ltd the company that produces HF skincare. I'm a mum & grandma with a BA degree in Social Sciences and a background in shop management & working in the care sector & Homelessness & addictions 

I’m passionate about what I create because in 2017 I had a brain aneurism & the trauma my body suffered caused my first ever flare up of psoriasis.  had to find alternative skincare products because my usual ones now irritated my skin. I needed a range that was safe for my skin but combined effectiveness & long term affordability as my job in the corporate world was no longer secure. 

The search wasn't easy!!

 I couldn't get to the shops because I was bed bound for quite some time so I scrolled through endless websites that initially appeared to offer what I was looking for but none had it all & I didn't want to be mixing different brands because of the risk that one would react badly with another. My skin was already painful red rough and itchy enough !

I began looking at what it was in the ones I liked that actually made the products effective & found it was the blending of natural ingredients.

I decided to research this further & when almost fully recovered I completed a Soap Making Business Diploma that studied all aspects of blending & making skincare products

I created my own recipes and found they were really making me feel good inside for the first time in ages because my skin felt better &  Iooked good on the outside. The products were  cleansing moisturising and helping alleviate the psoriasis symptoms. 

I believed so much in the products I was creating I started to share with friends and family and their feedback was really encouraging.  

My job did come to an end with ill health dismissal but I pitched my business idea to Elevator UK who liked it & gave me the opportunity to join their 1st Moray Accelerator Entrepreneur Programme. 

As a result of all the advice support & encouragement I recieved on the programme and from Business Gateway & People Plus I felt confident enough to step out and use the settlement money from the job ending to officially register Heavenly Favour Ltd  and launch the HF brand in Dec 2019


Throughout the lockdowns of 2020/21 I used the time to expand the range and pivot the initial business plan


I'm happy to say that despite the trials of my marriage ending during this journey. Broken supply chains and retail opportunities reducing  with shops closing during the pandemic Ive been able to come out the other end with a range that is getting great reviews & a satisfied returning customer base

And by using the products daily I'm at prevention stage rather than fire fighting the symptoms of the psoriasis that started this whole adventure 

Why Choose Us?


Some studies claim it only takes around 30 seconds for tiny particle petrochemicals to enter the blood stream either by absorption or inhalation.

HF products contain NO petrochemicals Parabens SLS or microbeads. As you can see customer reviews testify that HF products are not only a pleasure to use but are also getting great results on Psoriasis and eczema.

Using natural products doesn't  mean compromising on the quality of your beauty regime. In fact, by avoiding  harmful ingredients you are likely to notice your skin improving, with a reduction in redness, irritation or breakouts, as well as fewer lines and wrinkles.


PETROCHEMICALS used in many conventional skincare products, eventually find their way into the sea and soil. The breakdown of these chemicals contributes to a build-up that ultimately harms wildlife and sea life. Petrochemicals are everywhere, we can’t avoid them entirely in our lives, but by using naturally made skincare products we are eliminating one more source. There are NO petrochemicals in HF products

PARABENS (on the labels, they can show as propylparaben, butyparaben, isobutiparaben) are a preservative in cosmetics and skincare, used to give products a longer shelf life. Parabens are an especially harmful chemical and have been linked to coral bleaching, hormone imbalances and the disruption of ecosystems. HF is Paraben free.

MICROBEADS are essentially tiny plastic beads used in some skin care products for their exfoliating properties. So small are microbeads that they have found their way into our seas by the millions and are now being found in the bodies of fish and other sea creatures. This is harmful to the sea, and it’s harmful to the humans who end up eating these plastic-filled fish. Thankfully microbeads are being recognised for their harm and banned from many countries.


Natural skincare products are better for the environment too. Natural skincare products don't necessitate mining and cause no harm to the surrounding plants and animals.

When you use plant-based ingredients that occur naturally in the earth, you are not altering, destroying or polluting the environment. Unlike lab-made chemicals, these ingredients come from nature and return to nature. Their ‘waste’ products are biodegradable. Using organic ingredients supports people who farm sustainably and without pesticides.

*Even if a product is natural always read the label, some people are allergic to some natural ingredients 


IMPORTANT: ALL HF PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY !! HF strives to use the purest, most natural ingredients, however we recommend that you test all of our products on a small area of skin or hair before use, and check 24 hours later for any allergic response.


To ensure all our products are safe, they have been CPSR tested & certified to comply with EU & UK regulations.


All our Products have stated weights and we try to make every endeavour to ensure the weight is correct. However because all our products are handmade, the weight can vary by up to +10%.


HF products (and all constitutive components) are not derived from or produced using GMOs or their derivatives, and that all reasonable steps have been taken to avoid contamination from GMOs or their derivatives.


HF sources where possible, ingredients l declared by the suppliers as organic. The suppliers are certificated Organics suppliers.


We do not conduct any form of animal testing

We do not commission any form of animal testing from a third party

We operate a fixed cut-off date for animal testing and ingedients, which means we will not use any ingredient that has been tested or retested on animals for cosmetics purposes since January 1, 2006


HF products are free from animal or animal derived ingredients. The word animal refers to the entire Animal Kingdom. However some products contain lanolin which is secreted by wool bearing animals & honey produced by bees. 


HF strives to offer the most eco - friendly packaging viable for the business.

Privacy Policy:

Heavenly Favour Ltd collects the information provided by the purchaser at the time of ordering and uses the information lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Information is collected to process the purchaser’s order and also to provide the highest level of customer service possible.



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Why Heavenly Favour?

I thank My Heavenly Father for all He has done, is doing & will do in & through my life and for the favour that has come from Heaven to carry me through this far.

HEAVENLY FAVOUR LTD (SC623618) est 2019

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🔹️Complete Health, High St Linlithgow

🔹️Relax salon , Buckie

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🔹Peterhead Producers Market

🔹Moray Farmers Market Elgin

🔹️Dufftown Farmers Market, Moray

🔹️Findhorn Farmers Market, Moray

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🔹️Curated Aberdeen 

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